a new type of dress up

Halloween is coming up and the pattern of costumes is something that always astounds me. we talk about perpetuating stereotypes all week long in school and the second that night rolls around we all do the exact same thing. And this isn’t something we grow out, the system of societal dress up evolves as we age.

As a kid I would always be a fairy or a princess, or a princess-fairy. Sparkles, crowns and tutus every single year. And then you finally outgrow that stage and decide to be something more “mature” and buy the latest Warner Bros heroine outfit. And then after you have been the star of every blockbuster film you have finally graduated to era of halloween where the point is not so much to dress up as it is to dress down. Welcome to university where American Apparel spandex and some ambiguous headpiece entails a costume.

And I stopped questioning this pattern of behaviour because it appeared that literally everyone was doing it. And then I found this site and I was reminded that sometimes the status quo gets it wrong and just an average citizen gets it so right. Jaime Moore is a photographer/ blogger who was looking into halloween costumes for her 5 year old daughter. And as enticing as Disney princesses are she thought maybe her daughter should have bigger dreams than a frog to kiss and a wand to wave. After all isn’t the fact that we live in a society where we can do anything with our lives magic enough? She reminded me that having real role models is important and that sometimes we need to put away the costumes created out of someone’s head and look to history for the true heroes.

I am not trying to ruin the fun of dressing up, I am 17 and still have a dress up box under my dorm room bed. And I don’t want you to take this as a tirade against Disney or slut-shaming, all I am saying is that maybe it is time for a new type of dress up. It really isn’t that far of a stretch from being told “you can only like this” to being told “you can only do that”. The more we consent to accepting the status quo in small ways, the easier we make it to accept its backwards principles in big ways. Dreams of being a princess are great but unless you are Kate Middleton, a little unrealistic. So why don’t we take heed from Jaime Moore Photography and expand the horizons of costume ideas. Real women make real role models that are just as exciting and just as glamorous as anything the movie companies could dream up. After all who wants to rule a far away land when you can rule America?

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 3.33.33 PM

but seriously, how cute is this?



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